4 Tips for Equilibrium

Equilibrium is a conscious choice.

Equilibrium is a conscious choice.

In previous blogs, you read about passionate filled careers and high turnover. Yes, the veterinary community has both and somewhere in the middle is a balance, or equilibrium, a career that is gratifying, rewarding and sustainable.

You may know colleagues who have found that place of equilibrium, whose life is full of gratitude and abundance. They seem to bounce back, with an outlook of the perceived disappointment or set-back as an opportunity for personal and professional growth. How do they do that? What allows them to see every dark cloud with a silver lining? Do they live in a “Polly Anna world?” I think not, their focus may simply be on learning and experiencing.

Following may be a few tips to help you get to that point of equilibrium; maybe one or two tips will resonate with you. Continue reading

The Concern; High Turnover, Part II


My experience with compassion fatigue, a bit of an epiphany. What is your experience?

You may be aware in other industries the average annual turnover is 13-15%. In the veterinary community it is an ALARMING 29%, nearly DOUBLED! In my view, lack of understanding and under diagnosing compassion fatigue is a driver for the high turnover. Continue reading

It Can be an Ethical Dilemma

It Can Be an Ehical Dilemma, as it appears in the ColoVMA VOICE, 2013 Issue #2

Rebecca Rose, CVT

Your veterinary technicians, your team members who have graduated

from an AVMA-accredited program, are not taught how to

perform a veterinary dental extraction while in college. In one of

the textbooks for veterinary technician programs, Principles and

Practices of Veterinary Technology, the sentence related to dental extractions

states this: “Most states consider extractions oral surgery

that must be performed by the veterinarian.” Continue reading

Updated Version, Career Choices for Veterinary Technicians

Updated Version available July 25th, 2013!

Updated Version available July 25th, 2013!

Dr. Carin Smith and Rebecca

Dr. Carin Smith and Rebecca

Hard to believe, over four years ago Dr. Carin Smith and I completed Career Choices for Veterinary Technicians; Opportunities for Animal Lovers. Now, we have an updated version available from AAHA Press the end of July!

The newer version includes updated statistics, added a few new opportunities, improved format and more!

Thank you, Carin, for being such a great crafting partner! It has been a pleasure working with AAHA, again, in this capacity.

2009 book signing with Dr. Mike Jobin

2009 book signing with Dr. Mike Jobin


For those of you who know me, YES, we will have another Social Event! All 100+ veterinary technicians, veterinarians and industry leaders mentioned or quoted in the book will be be invited. Attached are a few photos from the last event held in Denver in the summer of 2009.

If we play our cards right, maybe Sheila and Mark can join us again at this year's Social Event.

If we play our cards right, maybe Sheila and Mark can join us again at this year’s Social Event.

Dear friends, Sherrie and Denise, always supporting and guiding.

Dear friends, Sherrie and Denise, always supporting and guiding.


Embrace your Team’s Highest Potentials

Big ideas, goal setting, and career development

Yes, your team has untapped potentials! When was the last time you sat down with your greatest assets and asked each of them what their professional focus can be? This is very different than your performance review, although the two can be discussed at the same time.

During the day, as duties are performed to a defined level of excellence, there are opportunities for learning, supporting and enhancing skill sets. The majority of the time, tasks are completed to the highest of standards. Be sure to catch your team when they are performing well and thank them for their efforts.

During the few cases when a task is not generated to a high stadard or defined expectation, that is the time for a teaching moment. Managers and leaders are encouraged to offer advice in correcting the situation, at an appropriate time (relatively quickly). In this manner, when performance reviews are given, the conversation can be around BIG IDEAS, GOAL SETTING and CAREER DEVELOPMENT.

In and around those conversations, your team can access untapped potentials.

You may consider using the Career Road Map (in the body of the Blog) to help direct the discussion. Continue reading