Time Management Tips

You may walk into the door of your office feeling overwhelmed within the first moment.

Time flies, manage your time wisely.

Know that there is help! By consciously focusing on a few tips you may BE and FEEL more organized and efficient.

Following are Time Management Tips you may find beneficial:

1. Utilize Technical Tools, such as Google Calendar, to synchronize your work, personal, and financial stewardship calendar. Download to your cell phone and share events on your website.

2. Unclutter Your Work Space. Get really “down-’n'-dirty” on a monthly basis, throwing away papers, deleting unnecessary emails, filing or scanning papers worth keeping. Consider going “paperless.”

3. Plan your day the evening before to hit the office running, prioritizing tasks in the morning and re-evaluating mid-day. Organize your work week and schedule yourself “catch up time” a couple times a week.

4. Include Relationship Building on your “to-do list.” Networking with colleagues and keeping in touch with friends is good for  your work and personal life. Never underestimate the power of networking–extremely valuable!

5. Schedule Breaks and Vacations for a mental, emotional, and healthy “time-out.” Reserve this time to be unplugged from your phone and interruptions. Allow yourself to relax, rejuvenate, and regroup with the things that are near and dear to you.

What additional tips can you offer? Please post your comments and let us know how you plan your day, utilize technology, or where you recently took a vacation.

Cheers, RR

So much to do. So little time!

Is that how you feel, everyday, all the time? So much to do, so little time!

Me, too, especially lately. We have two options: (1) keep plugging along at the same pace (doing what we have always done–signs of insanity), or (2) we make a conscious decision to become more organized, efficient, and timely.

I learned the other day we all have the same 10,800 minutes in a week. Well, if I look at it that way, I can certainly manage those minutes better!

In recent research, I have seen a pattern in self-management articles. Following is a recap.

1. Is your current organizational space working for you? Recall a time you were under the gun, in a time crunch; were you able to find what you needed (files, materials, papers), focus on the task, research and complete the job? If yes, then your current organizational space may suit your personal needs. If no, then you may consider identifying a new strategy. Organization is a personal preference. I can remember working with a wonderfully kind, great veterinarian. I have no idea how he found anything in his work space, but he managed, somehow! Continue reading

Tips for Success

Do you want to become more successful? What does “being successful” look like to you? I imagine there are a number of various “successful” pictures. It is different for everyone. Take a few moments to write out what success looks like to you and how it will feel to reach that level of success.

You may want to increase and engage in better defined:

  1. time management
  2. organizational skills
  3.  ideas about money stewardship
  4. effectively communicating with others

Found this ideal website for you! Sign up and receive FREE weekly articles on success tips!

Tips for Success: http://www.tipsforsuccess.org/index.htm

You may consider choosing a tip from this website as a topic of discussion at your team meetings. Or ask a team member to view the site, choose a topic, and present on that information. Remember, growing your team is crucial and within your working environment is the best place to begin! Mentor, encourage, and improve professionalism, self-confidence, and communication. Looks like a win/win situation to me!

Yours in Success, RR

Leading by Example: Attentive Listening

Every day you have an opportunity to lead by example. Think about these specific areas:

  • diverting gossip
  • taking the higher road
  • positively commenting on a job well done
  • offering a sincere “thank you”

These are simple things, and yet so powerful when you lead by example.

You may be a team leader, a go-getter, a person with a vision, or even hold the title of manager or doctor. How do you lead by example?

Lean in, focus and listen, intently, consciously and with the desire to improve

If you act as a leader, if you automatically choose to look at the bright side of things, see the glass as half full, and do all this with sincerity– without really even thinking of it–then you may be on the path to being a great leader. Can you see solutions and allow (or even better yet, encourage) others to come up with solutions, too? Anyone can talk about problems, day in and day out. A leader helps to identify and bring to fruition solutions!

A leader “talks the talk and walks the walk.” What does that mean to you? Continue reading

Pet Loss 10 Times more prevalent in Veterinary Medicine

Your team may never have thought of that before.”We deal with death ten times more often in veterinary medicine than in the human medicine field.” I present that concept to veterinary technician students yearly and I am always surprised by their response. Most have never considered that aspect of working with animals.

Yes, we love them, see them as a puppy/kitten/foal, help to neuter/alter them, work through behavior problems, help them survive their adolescent years, nurse them through ailments, treat them as they mature, begin senior care at 7 years (human calendar years, 49+/- pet years), manage their senior years, offer hospice care and assist with end-of-life around 10-12 (average) years of age. That’s rather fast, when you think about it. Continue reading