Emergency Mock Drill Planning

Now is the time to execute an emergency drill to protect your team and the pets they serve.

Curious, if you have designed and executed an Emergency Mock Drill, how did it go? What advice do you have for other managers taking emergency preparedness seriously?

Over the past year, in various conversations, I have discovered veterinary hospitals rarely do mock drills. Some will verbally review their emergency plan, but to physically create a true-to-life, intense experience in the form of a drill is rarely done.

In my experience, when we practice stressful situations (such as a fire drill or electrical outage), we are far better prepared to deal with the real-life crisis, if and when it ever occurs. Remember practicing Stop, Drop, and Roll? It’s time to work through an emergency drill with your team.

How to Conduct a Fire Drill at Work: http://smallbusiness.chron.com/conduct-fire-drill-work-10444.html Continue reading

So much to do. So little time!

Is that how you feel, everyday, all the time? So much to do, so little time!

Me, too, especially lately. We have two options: (1) keep plugging along at the same pace (doing what we have always done–signs of insanity), or (2) we make a conscious decision to become more organized, efficient, and timely.

I learned the other day we all have the same 10,800 minutes in a week. Well, if I look at it that way, I can certainly manage those minutes better!

In recent research, I have seen a pattern in self-management articles. Following is a recap.

1. Is your current organizational space working for you? Recall a time you were under the gun, in a time crunch; were you able to find what you needed (files, materials, papers), focus on the task, research and complete the job? If yes, then your current organizational space may suit your personal needs. If no, then you may consider identifying a new strategy. Organization is a personal preference. I can remember working with a wonderfully kind, great veterinarian. I have no idea how he found anything in his work space, but he managed, somehow! Continue reading