New Year’s Goal #3 Job Descriptions

Team training, opportunities for professional development.Over the past few months, while offering online VSPN courses, it appears every topic eventually leads to 1) Mission/Vision/Values and 2) well defined job descriptions. Therefore, Goal #3: reviewing and updating job descriptions.

I am of the opinion job descriptions are “living documents,” growing and changing as the employee grows in their career and development. One size job descriptions does not fit all! A newbie veterinary technician’s duties are different than that of a seasoned veterinary technician. Same goes for receptionist and veterinarians. Once the newbie has a couple of years under their belt, their passions and professional goals will be defined; reflected in their performance reviews and upgraded job description. This document is updated to accurately reflect their passion, education, advanced skill set and dedication to client service. Continue reading

New Year’s Goal #1 Strategic Plan


Strategic planning with the team a win/win proposition.

Typically, the thought of creating a strategic plan is daunting and overwhelming. You may consider dividing this project into smaller, bite-size pieces to accomplish this important goal. Read more for valuable statistics, tips on creating a strategic plan and how to involve your team in the process.

Stith Keiser, a dear friend and owner of MyVeterinaryCareer, wrote this about strategic planning and missions;

” Strategic planning starts with developing a fully formed organizational mission. When I first started my business, I remember thinking to myself, ‘I don’t have time to put together a mission statement; I need to make money.’ Contrary to my initial beliefs, studies have shown that businesses that operate with a strategic plan—starting with a mission statement—increase revenue by 10% to 12%. “;whatsyourhiringstrategy

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New Year’s Goal #2 Employee Handbook

Now is a great time to put together your New Year’s Goals and generate a plan. Let’s consider reviewing or creating an employee handbook.

Employee handbooks are great tools, when reviewed annually (as a minimum), used for new employee orientation and updated with team members routinely. Employee handbooks that are sitting on the shelf with dust accumulating are doing no good. Handbooks are living documents that benefit the veterinary owner, business and employee. When properly created and reviewed by an attorney, manuals are a great asset.

Benefits include:

  1. Clearly communicates policies to the employee
  2. Saves time
  3. Establishes expectations
  4. Ensures company treats employees consistently
  5. Provides legal documentation
  6. Carefully considers policies designed with managers, supervisors and veterinarians
  7. Prevents misunderstandings Continue reading

Reflect 2012 and Create 2013

On vacation with my sweetheart, friend and confidant. I thank him, daily.

Feel free to share with family/team to Reflect and Create

Reflections of 2012
Before we move into the New Year, physically and symbolically, it is a good idea to reflect on the past year, and then generate new promises and ideas for the New Year. Fill these out after recalling the past year’s events and experiences. Then create 2013 with full intent of love and self-acceptance.

What was your biggest triumph in 2012?

What was the best advice you gave yourself? Continue reading