Denver Veterinary Hospital robbed at Gunpoint!

Be safe! Be cautious! Be prepared! Please review your employee handbooks for protocols established in your veterinary hospital. NOW is a good time to have a drill and discuss with your team what to do, how to react, what to remember and how to play it safe!

13 Ways to Prevent a Robbery at Your Hospital, DVM360, Phil Seibert, CVT from SafetyVet:

Here is the news story of Coal Creek Robbery in Arapahoe County:

Employee Handbook Policy Example:

It is important to remember two things:

• Robbers want one thing – your money or property – and they want it quickly.

• Robbery is a risky business and robbers are usually nervous. You do not want to delay a robbery in any way and increase the potential for violence. Give the robber what he or she wants and do it quickly. Do not risk your life, or another person’s life, for property.

AAHA Be Safe! Award winning Video:

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