Got Employee Handbook?

Got Milk? Got Oreos? Got an employee policy manual that is up-to-date and relevant?

Over the years I have helped veterinary hospitals, lawyer offices and not-for-profits update or create employee handbooks. This past weekend, while speaking with veterinary students at WSU, we talked about “red flags” when interviewing for a job in a veterinary hospital. They all agreed, if they asked a perspective employer to see the employee handbook and there wasn’t one, they saw that as a HUGE ISSUE!

An employee handbook is a GOOD tool, for both the veterinary team and hospital management. Benefits of having an updated, “living” document include:

*clear communication of policies to employees

* saves time

* establishes expectations

* ensures company treats employees consistently

* provides legal documentation

* carefully consider policies with managers, supervisors, owner and veterinarians

* prevents misunderstandings

*and establishes legal right to terminate employees.

There are many ways you can revise or create an employee handbook, here are a few resources:

AAHA’s guide to creating an employee handbook,

Create your own employee handbook (with state laws and regulations),

Small Business Administration,

Let me know what questions you have and how I can help you build this great tool for your team and practice.

Best of everything, RR



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