Introverts and Ideas

You may enjoy viewing this video. I DID!

I recommend you view this and think of the fact that the veterinary community is largely Introverts (60-70%, Absolutely enlightening. Allow for more solitude and inner-reflection when asking your veterinary team for their input.

Thanks, RR



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2 Responses to Introverts and Ideas

  1. B. Taylor says:

    It is nice to hear someone defending introverts. Introverts can still make a positive footprint within social network — learning how to be a part of its “groupness.”

    • Rebecca Rose says:

      Beth, yes I found it enlightening, too! I realized I was an extrovert working with a lot of introverts far into my career as a veterinary technician. Better late, than never! Seriously, I thought everyone should be as outgoing! Now I know better!

      I am glad to see you looking into all the Social Media venues we have created for you! GOOD FOR YOU!

      Cheers, RR

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