Pet Loss 10 Times more prevalent in Veterinary Medicine

Your team may never have thought of that before.”We deal with death ten times more often in veterinary medicine than in the human medicine field.” I present that concept to veterinary technician students yearly and I am always surprised by their response. Most have never considered that aspect of working with animals.

Yes, we love them, see them as a puppy/kitten/foal, help to neuter/alter them, work through behavior problems, help them survive their adolescent years, nurse them through ailments, treat them as they mature, begin senior care at 7 years (human calendar years, 49+/- pet years), manage their senior years, offer hospice care and assist with end-of-life around 10-12 (average) years of age. That’s rather fast, when you think about it.

In the past, I have encouraged veterinary technicians and health care team members with a passion for pet loss and grief to take hold of that passion and create a peaceful experience for the pet, pet owner, and children. When I worked on the floor at Town & Country as a technician,  I often helped parents assist their children with the transition of their cherished pet, before, during, and after euthanasia or death. I often cried with the family, too.

Now, we have so many ways we can help families with the end-of-life care! Consider a few of these educational opportunities for the veterinary health care team:

Pet-Loss Grief Recovery Specialist (online program with certificate):

Pet Loss & Grief: Understanding The Pieces  This retreat-style three-day session will take participants through every aspect of the pet loss process, as well as touching on areas of self-care for the caregiver and how to incorporate being a caregiver into a healthy lifestyle, as well as how to effectively market your pet loss services.

International Association of Animal Hospice and Palliative Care  offers many webinars and a convention will be held in Denver in November:

IAAHPC Facebook:

IAAHPC LinkedIn:

Here’s to offering all our family members a peaceful passing. RR

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  1. Rebecca Rose says:

    Just found out you can purchase last year’s proceedings from the International Association of Animal Hospice and Palliative Care from their Facebook Page for a mear $59.00. I’m all over it!!

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