Design your Life’s Passion, Develop your Career

Allow the Creativity to Flow, Design and Develop your Career and/or Life’s Passion

Grab a pen and allow the writing opportunity
to etch your focus.

STOP and PRINT this page. Grab a pen or pencil!

Clarity in our career or life’s passion may elude us simply because we are unable to give time and energy to the creation of our personal Mission/Vision/Values. You may be thinking, “That is so cold and business-like.” Possibly, however I have seen amazing things transpire and manifest when a person takes all those “airy-fairy” thoughts, writes them down (preferably with pen and paper, because of the magic that occurs between the stroke of a hand and pen to the brainwaves that are stimulated in your head deeply embedding the concepts in your brain) to word and then allow the process to create the deed. Allow for your life to align, magically, being open to possibilities and opening doors. You can create an amazing life by allowing the flow of creativity, support, love and engagement to surround you. With courage, step into the potential of your career and life’s passion.

Ask yourself, what brings me greatest joy in my day?


What makes me FEEL GOOD?




How would I like to spend my time?


How can I create more of that in my life, moment-by-moment?


Who or what can I help, today?


What am I compelled to BE?


What am I happy DOING?


VERY GOOD, keep going!


Mission: What I do on a daily basis that brings me joy, abundance, resources and connection to the people who I most align with. Doing and Being what makes me FEEL GOOD!

RR Example: Building masterful, passionate veterinary teams and individuals.

Vision:  On the lofty side of the BIG IDEA, free of boundaries and judgments, what I want to BE/DO that perpetuates my passion.

RR Example: Be a physically fit, spiritually hip granny with time and resources for friends, family and children. I passionately lead by example while assisting others to find their “groove” and fulfill their personal goals and aspirations.

Values: Beliefs we hold dear to us, allowing us to find direction and drawing to us others with similar values. When we know what we cherish, identifying aptitudes and attitudes, we draw more of that to us.

Finish the sentence, I value…..

RR Example: Relationships, creativity, problem solving, engagement and courage

FANTASTIC, you are on your way when you create and write (with pen in hand on paper) your Mission/Vision/Values. Now, allow for the process to unfold, stepping into the creation with intent and being open to ALL POSSIBILITIES that come your way.










Terrific, allow it to morph over the next 21 days, to be refined and “massaged.” Repeat the exercise in 21 days.

Live it, allow it to be your guide in your decisions regarding your career and life’s passion.


Abundant Blessings to you, today and always, RR

11/12 Littleton

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2 Responses to Design your Life’s Passion, Develop your Career

  1. I recently found your website due to the fact that you reached out to me through a discussion on LinkedIn and I have to say, I love what you write! Thank you, Rebecca, for shining such a positive light on the field of veterinary medicine.

    Our work is so aligned. Our messages the same. I wonder if it would be possible to schedule a short phone conversation with you at some point? I would love to have your insight on some professional thoughts.

    Feel free to email me your answer!

    Thank you Rebecca!

    My Best,

    Kristy Sweetland, MTP, CPC

    • Rebecca Rose says:

      Kristy, THANK YOU! Greatly appreciate your sincere, kind words. Yes, let’s chat, soon. I’ll email you and we can scheduele a “Career Cafe Chat.” We have so many wonderful options available to us.
      Ciao, RR

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