Disaster Plan Checklist

Planning for an immediate disaster evacuation may seem overwhelming and daunting. To help you look at the project in bite-size, manageable pieces, consider using this checklist as a guide.

A detail checklist can be found on AVMA site along with other valuable resources, https://www.avma.org/KB/Resources/Reference/disaster/Pages/Emergency-Planning-Resources-for-Veterinary-Practices-Disaster-Preparedness.aspx 

  1. Mock disaster drill
    1. One meeting place
    2. Account for working employees
    3. Identify disaster coordinator
    4. Debrief the experience


  1. Establish triage
    1. Temporary holding facility
    2. Leashes, carriers, towels
    3. Patient identification
    4. List of hospitalized and boarding animals


  1. Medical Record back-up
    1. Off-site computer back-up
    2. Off-site copies of important documents
    3. Itemized inventory
    4. iTunes Your Plan


  1. Continued operations
    1. Communications beyond telephone
    2. Alternate power source
    3. Food and water sources
    4. Adopt a sister practice


  1. Insurance coverage
    1. Business interruption coverage
    2. Receipts of all purchased coverage
    3. Loss of income
    4. Building and structure replacement


  1. Building considerations
    1. Fire department inspection
    2. Hazardous materials inventory list
    3. Oxygen tanks isolated
    4. Secure from theft and crimes


  1. Employee Concerns
    1. Family disaster planning
    2. Quarterly team disaster training
    3. Team buy-in
    4. Who to save first, discussion


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