Passion-Filled Career in Veterinary Medicine

Consider taking a leap of faith. Consider taking a calculated risk and achieving your goal.

You, too, can wake up every morning excited to get to your job, to work with team members, clients and care for pets and animals. Simply ask yourself,” What do I desire and what brings me joy?”

Tough questions, I know. At times, I feel overwhelmed by projects and deadlines, however I wake up each morning raring to GO! Seriously, after 25 years working in the veterinary community, I am more “charged,” now, than ever before!

You can experience this passion, too! Whether you are in a veterinary hospital, at a non-profit organization, working for an industry leader, government agency or other option, your career design is YOURS, and yours alone. The cliche, “Today is the beginning of the rest of my life,” applies to the view of your career.

I am suggesting you take a leap of faith! Having been on that “ledge,” feeling the fear, I have leaped and faith has been on my side. Faith, perseverance, and courage.

Self-assessment is imperative. Go within, to your gut-feeling, to your deepest desire and determine what you want to DO each day and who you want to BE. As an example, “I want to DO veterinary management and I want to BE a PHR.” Great, research it, plan it, design it, create it, become it! “I want to DO veterinary specialty work and I want to BE a specialist.” Fantastic, map it, focus on it, become it!

Surround yourself with individuals who will support and guide you down your path. Identify managers, businesses, and mentors that offer resources and help you succeed.

When you come up with a plan that is best for the pets you can serve (in a hospital, industry, business), pet owners who love their companions, veterinary hospitals and veterinary teams, you have a winning combination! Bring your dream to light, write out your plan and share it.

Tools for success include:

Career Road Map, MyEVT:

Career Choices for Veterinary Technicians; Opportunities for Animal Lovers, AAHA Press:

Career Choices for Veterinarians  Private Practice and Beyond, Smith Vet Publishing:

Risky is the New Safe, the Rules have Changed….., Wiley:

Here’s to your successful career in veterinary medicine! I know you can DO IT!

Cheers, RR

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