Embrace your Team’s Highest Potentials

Big ideas, goal setting, and career development

Yes, your team has untapped potentials! When was the last time you sat down with your greatest assets and asked each of them what their professional focus can be? This is very different than your performance review, although the two can be discussed at the same time.

During the day, as duties are performed to a defined level of excellence, there are opportunities for learning, supporting and enhancing skill sets. The majority of the time, tasks are completed to the highest of standards. Be sure to catch your team when they are performing well and thank them for their efforts.

During the few cases when a task is not generated to a high stadard or defined expectation, that is the time for a teaching moment. Managers and leaders are encouraged to offer advice in correcting the situation, at an appropriate time (relatively quickly). In this manner, when performance reviews are given, the conversation can be around BIG IDEAS, GOAL SETTING and CAREER DEVELOPMENT.

In and around those conversations, your team can access untapped potentials.

You may consider using the Career Road Map (in the body of the Blog) to help direct the discussion.

Career Road Map

Professional Development

Name______________________________ Date _________

Vision of the future

What it is I want to be doing in my career? ____________________________________________________________

How long will it take me to get there? ____________________________________________________________

Obstacles I need to overcome? ____________________________________________________________

Those supporting me in my professional development/mentors

1__________________________________________                 2__________________________________________

Benefit to the pet :______________________________________________

Benefit to the pet owner:__________________________________________

Benefit to the veterinary practice:____________________________________

Benefit to me, once I achieve my professional goal:______________________________________________________


Specific (give it a title) ____________________________________________________________________________

Measured (what does the outcome look like) ____________________________________________________________________________

Attainable (brainstorm all aspects to completion, equipment needed, financial cost)


Finance/cost ___________________________________________________________________________

Realistic (skills needed to achieve goal, classes required) __________________________________________________________________________

Timely (beginning, middle and end timeline)

Date started________                   Middle review (1)__________________

Middle review (2) _______         Completed date ___________________

Manager/Veterinarian ________________________    Date ________

Team member ______________________________    Date ________

Celebrate Achievement by (e.g., throw a party):_________________________________________________


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