Career Cafe’

Career Cafe’ Topics

Your Personal Career Development
*Passion, what brings you greatest joy in your career?
*SMART Goals
*Design and transformation
*Further education
*Career SWOT
*Professional attitude
*Obstacles and challenges
*Management leading by example
*Benefits of Local, State and National Professional Organizations
It’s your career, together we will create it with a commitment to satisfaction, joy, abundance and creative thought.
Leave a comment below or contact me at to set up our first chat. Grab a cup of coffee and let’s design your career!

4 Responses to Career Cafe’

  1. Rhonda Matsuno says:

    Hello Rebecca,
    I’ve been a CVT for 20 years and I am requesting your assistance, please. I need direction and was hoping you would help me to “design my career” for my senior years. I may also be reached at 720-999-0638.

    Thank you!

  2. Rhonda Matsuno says:

    Are you hiring?

  3. Rebecca Rose says:

    Ronda, hello. It would be my pleasure to sit down with you! We must live close to each other. I am in Littleton.

    The next two weeks are heavily scheduled with WVC and other presentations. We can look at meeting the middle of March. You can choose the location.

    Thanks for contacting me. I look forward to working with you in this capacity!

    Cheers, RR

  4. Rebecca Rose says:

    Rhonda, yes, Weds March 20th would be great. To be honest, February has been a complete blurr. I will pixel our date into my calendar.

    As time approaches, we can determine a location.

    In the meantime, find attached a career road map that may help us in our conversation. I realize you do a number of things in the veterinary community, a diverse and broad background, indeed. What do you want your career to look like as you move forward?

    Cheers, RR

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