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Your career will continue to grow and morph, typically taking you down the road of leadership, in some form or another. Possibly a technician stepping into middle management or a veterinarian taking on human resource tasks, either way, how will you make the transition to leader? Following are a few ideas we can discuss and help you with the move to leader in your career:


  • Leading by example
  • Benefits of belonging to your local, state or national professional organization
  • Be selfish, volunteer
  • Enhancing your leadership skills
  • Further education in leadership
  • Leadership IS a skill in which you can consciously improve

Drop me a line and we can set up a Leadership Cafe’ chat, either over the phone or some other means. If you are in the Denver area, would enjoy sharing time togehter over a cup of coffee.

Cheers, RR

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  1. Amy D'Andrea says:

    Hey Rebecca! I was trying to find your email. I am planning to move to CO and am trying to begin setting up Pet CPR classes in Denver. I am setting up an interview at Pima in Nov and wanted to do a class while I was there. Can you recommend a branch of the public library in Denver that would be good to have a class at? http://denverlibrary.org/content/meeting-rooms-branches I would want one that is convenient to enough veterinary professionals. I dont know the area well enough. I own the company and it is my hope that I do it exclusively when I move and teach part time at Pima. THanks for the help!!

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