New Year’s Goal #2 Employee Handbook

Now is a great time to put together your New Year’s Goals and generate a plan. Let’s consider reviewing or creating an employee handbook.

Employee handbooks are great tools, when reviewed annually (as a minimum), used for new employee orientation and updated with team members routinely. Employee handbooks that are sitting on the shelf with dust accumulating are doing no good. Handbooks are living documents that benefit the veterinary owner, business and employee. When properly created and reviewed by an attorney, manuals are a great asset.

Benefits include:

  1. Clearly communicates policies to the employee
  2. Saves time
  3. Establishes expectations
  4. Ensures company treats employees consistently
  5. Provides legal documentation
  6. Carefully considers policies designed with managers, supervisors and veterinarians
  7. Prevents misunderstandings Continue reading

Got Employee Handbook?

Got Milk? Got Oreos? Got an employee policy manual that is up-to-date and relevant?

Over the years I have helped veterinary hospitals, lawyer offices and not-for-profits update or create employee handbooks. This past weekend, while speaking with veterinary students at WSU, we talked about “red flags” when interviewing for a job in a veterinary hospital. They all agreed, if they asked a perspective employer to see the employee handbook and there wasn’t one, they saw that as a HUGE ISSUE!

An employee handbook is a GOOD tool, for both the veterinary team and hospital management. Benefits of having an updated, “living” document include:

*clear communication of policies to employees

* saves time

* establishes expectations

* ensures company treats employees consistently

* provides legal documentation

* carefully consider policies with managers, supervisors, owner and veterinarians

* prevents misunderstandings

*and establishes legal right to terminate employees.

There are many ways you can revise or create an employee handbook, here are a few resources:

AAHA’s guide to creating an employee handbook,

Create your own employee handbook (with state laws and regulations),

Small Business Administration,

Let me know what questions you have and how I can help you build this great tool for your team and practice.

Best of everything, RR