New Year’s Goal #1 Strategic Plan


Strategic planning with the team a win/win proposition.

Typically, the thought of creating a strategic plan is daunting and overwhelming. You may consider dividing this project into smaller, bite-size pieces to accomplish this important goal. Read more for valuable statistics, tips on creating a strategic plan and how to involve your team in the process.

Stith Keiser, a dear friend and owner of MyVeterinaryCareer, wrote this about strategic planning and missions;

” Strategic planning starts with developing a fully formed organizational mission. When I first started my business, I remember thinking to myself, ‘I don’t have time to put together a mission statement; I need to make money.’ Contrary to my initial beliefs, studies have shown that businesses that operate with a strategic plan—starting with a mission statement—increase revenue by 10% to 12%. “;whatsyourhiringstrategy

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